Personal Training and Movement

Our holistic treatment approach wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t help you get moving! Movement and exercise are some of the keys to maintaining your health and keeping your body and organs in their optimal shape. In addition to being a talented acupuncturist and a certified nutrition counselor, Cara-Michele is also a certified personal trainer. She can help you design an exercise routine that will match your abilities, yet challenge you in ways that grow your resilience, strength and flexibility.

Ease Into Exercise

Many people make the mistake of jumping into exercise head first. You make a resolution, get a gym membership and work out with enthusiasm like you are training for Olympics. But rushing into exercise like that is dangerous because your body is not used to it. You risk pulling a muscle, tearing a tight ligament and doing too much too soon, which may discourage you from continuing with your schedule. We can help you get started with basic stretches to show how you can ease into exercise. Maybe stretches is all you need to stay active? Allow us to assess your exercise needs and create a movement plan tailored to YOUR body.

Become Active After Injury

If a previous  injury or a chronic condition is stopping you from being active, get in touch with us. From pain management to stretching and choosing safe exercises, we’ll help you become active while preventing re-injury. It doesn’t matter how old or how strong you are—together we’ll find a way to add movement and exercise back into your life!

Try Martial Arts

Right next door to our Baltimore wellness center we have an aikido dojo led by Sempai Cara-Michele. If you’ve ever wanted to try martial arts, aikido is a great place to start. Falls Road Aikido is a small, traditional aikido dojo. Even though we use colored belts to indicate our rank, promotion is not our goal. Instead, we are dedicated to helping each other grow into confident, grounded, unshakable, loving human beings who could keep ourselves from getting hurt if the need would arise. If this is up your alley, feel free to stop by to watch a class or join us on the mat!

Get an Exercise Program Designed for You

Have you ever set in a gym trying to figure out which machine to use or how it works? Do you feel like you are not seeing any results from your workouts? Do you hate exercise in general? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Millions of people are struggling to get their exercise on because it’s hard to get started, and it’s even harder to continue, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.  As your personal trainer, Cara-Michele will work with you to build an exercise program that works for you. She can show you exercises that you can later practice on your own. And of course, we are always here for support and motivation!

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